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How to add Filters in webmail (Horde)
Posted by Madhusudan S on 18 May 2015 06:36:16 PM

Steps to add a filter:

  • Log in to Horde
  • Click the "Mail" icon
  • Click the "Filters" icon
  • Click the "New Rule" button
  • Give the rule a descriptive name (Optional but suggested)
  • In the drop-down list choose "Subject" (Several new fields will appear.)
  • Enter the text ***SPAM*** (including the asterisks) in the empty field to the right.
  • In the "Do This" Drop-down list choose "Deliver to Folder"
  • Choose "Create new folder" (Name it SPAM) Or select an existing folder
  • Click the "Mark Messages as seen" (Optional)
  • Click the "Save" button

Setting up filter rules in not enough for the filters to work. We need to enable the condition when to apply the filter.

It can be done via Settings >> Preferences >> Mail >> Filters and selecting the following conditions :

  • Apply filter rules upon logging on
  • Apply filter rules whenever Inbox is displayed
  • Allow filter rules to be applied in any mailbox
  • Show the filter icon on the menubar
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